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Let's talk about planning for 2015! I am talking about three things in this show - the bullet journal, Your Best Year 2015 Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner, and the Year of Making ebook. Head on over to for links to everything and show notes.

Episode 018 of the Me Being Crafty podcast,

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Tsoniki Crazy Bull and a short holiday message from my family. Enjoy the holidays, however you may celebrate them!

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Lee Monroe of May Chappell and I visit about her creative journey from changing her major in college to becoming a graphic designer and falling in love with quilting five years ago. Lee is the President (soon to be Vice President) of her local modern quilt guild and has turned her creative love of quilting into a business. She has published quilt patterns and is also teaching quilting classes.

Stop by and let me know how you were creative today.

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Julie Persinger, of Knitpickin' Chicken and Top Shelf Quilting, and I talk about pattern design, her new long arm quilting business, Project Linus, and more. Listen in as she tells the story of an epic quilt made in just one day, her experience with donating to Project Linus, teaching, and starting a business.

Leave me a message at, and stop by the website at and let me know how you were creative today.

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Christa Watson of Christa Quilts and I talk about being confident in your sewing and quilting, as well as how accessible quilting is and tips for tools you need to get started. We encourage you to just go for it bceause whatever you are making, in the end it is going to be a functional piece. It's also important to not get caught up in feeling like you need the latest and greatest tools - buy what you need to be creative and save up for the more expensive items.

Stop by and let me know how you were creative today.

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Nicholas Ball of Quilts in the Attic shares his advice for anyone being creative - don't be afraid to just do it. This is great advice - simple yet also sometimes hard for us to follow. Nick is creating amazing quilts and really changed his style after just a few short years of quilting. Stop by for links on where you can find Nick, and let me know how you were creative today.

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Sandi Sawa Hazlewood and I talk about the process of being creative. In today's snap a picture and instantly share it online fast pace, the process can sometimes take a backseat to the creating part of our lives. We love interacting with friends and want to show them what we've finished, but it's also important to share what and how and why we are making something. Stop by and let me know how you were creative today.

Stop by and leave me a voicemail!

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Tracey Wirth reminds us to not let technology hold us back when we want to be a designer. She talks about her experience with surface design and reinventing herself in this new to her genre. We also talk about the influence our parents have on us and our artistic venture. She has attended weekend workshops which is just a great way to find people interested in the same thing you are interested in, and to get to know other designers and makers in the same arena as you.

Stop by and let me know how you were creative today.

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Alison Dutton, of Alison Sews, is my guest this week and we talk about her experience being a pattern tester for different people writing patterns as well as her new blog. She has been active on social media but only recently started her website as a way to share more about the projects she is making. Alison also wrote her first tutorial for a quilt pattern and is interested in sharing more tutorials and patterns. I encourage her to do so, because even if we feel like there are just too many out there, someone looking for something you are offering can only come to you for that. There are a lot of quilt patterns already written, but not the ones that you have created. Stop by and let me know how you were creative today.

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Alorha has been teaching beadwork classes for over four years and this year she opened a studio in her home. She teaches the basics of beadwork and moves into specific stitches and projects. She loves teaching people to bead and sharing her knowledge. Alorha is also very involved in the local youth groups near the reservation where she and her family live and she has been for many years. I am happy to see her so involved with working with our young people, this is very important. Stop by for show notes and links for where you can find Alorha.

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