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Alorha has been teaching beadwork classes for over four years and this year she opened a studio in her home. She teaches the basics of beadwork and moves into specific stitches and projects. She loves teaching people to bead and sharing her knowledge. Alorha is also very involved in the local youth groups near the reservation where she and her family live and she has been for many years. I am happy to see her so involved with working with our young people, this is very important. Stop by for show notes and links for where you can find Alorha.

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Andrea House, Tickled Peach, and I visit about having little kids and trying to stay creative when we need to be there for our tiny babies. We are often in a season of life that is all about our kids, which is okay. Andrea struggled with post partum depression after her children were born and for her that meant she felt alone. She talks about her experience with this struggle and coming out of it. Andrea is a very crafty and creative person, she decorates for any and all holidays so be sure to stop by her website for great ideas on crafting with your kids. Stop by and let me know how you were creative today.

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Rebecca Roach, a quilt designer living in Austin, TX, and I talk about how the first thing she sewed as a young girl was not fun and thus she turned away from sewing until years later after that experience. She has one quilt pattern out right now and is dreaming up a fabric collection that she would produce. Rebecca and I also talk about symbols used in quilting and how her culture influences her designs. It's an important conversation to have because of what is out there about Native American people. Visit the website at

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Andrea Rennick of and I visit about her creative journey from sewing with her Grandmother as a young girl, to refashioning her clothing as a teenager, to making clothes for her kids when they came along. She loves the modern quilt movement and does all of her own free motion quilting. Andrea also recognized that she needs a creative outlet so she schedules time to sew and quilt, using her calendar so she is sure to have that time available. Visit Andrea at Stop by the website at and let me know how you were creative today.

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Rachael Gander is the owner of Imagine Gnats, a website offering sewing tutorials and patterns. We talk about her "I can make that" moment, when she started working at home, and the paper patterns she just had made this past summer. Go to and let me know how you were creative today.

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Heather Mann owns the Dollar Store Crafts website, as well as Craft Fail, and is the author of the book Craft Fail. She shares tutorials and projects made with supplies you can find at any dollar store. Heather and I talk about the projects you can find on the Dollar Store Crafts site, crafting and making with kids, and how the Craft Fail website and book came to be.  Subscribe to the podcast at

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In this episode I talk to Anne Sullivan of We had a great conversation about the art and crafts that Anne creates, the Quilt Design a Day group on facebook that she created, how Play Crafts came to be, and a lot about how Anne has created a community because of being a creative person. She talks about the time in her life when she took a break from crafting, and how once she came back into crafting, she won't take a break again. Anne is also writing a book, which is exciting!

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Julie Dueck learned how to sew from her Grandma's teaching her when she was just six years old. Today Julie owns The Intrepid Thread quilt shop in Milpitas, CA.

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